I love languages! My native language is English and I have spent most of my life perfecting my knowledge of it. I like to get into the nitty gritty aspects of language in ways that most people don't find all that interesting. I started learning Spanish when I was seven, and while I'm by no means fluent, I have a good grasp of the language - particularly when it comes to reading and writing. I am currently taking some college courses in French and I hope to soon have a good grasp of that language as well.

Recently I discovered a new area of language that I like that I had never considered before - coding! I am currently studying HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. I've found a lot of great resources online to study these languages and I'm practicing my HTML and CSS skills by building this website (which is still under construction).

I have posted some samples of my work on here. If you need a language geek you should contact me!